This fungus is growing from a tree stump that is about three inches around. I know nothing about fungi but this one looks like it has rings like that of a tree.



Egret Standing Tall

I am a novice photographer who is constantly being schooled by the subjects I photograph. This Egret is a prime example of a lesson learned. I just assumed that the closer I got the better photograph I would have. I clicked and clicked as I got closer and closer. I got five shots before the Egret squawked and flew off. I was so proud of myself, until I got home and downloaded the photos onto the computer. This is the only photograph of the five that has the bird’s full reflection in it. I wasn’t thinking about the entire shot when I took the photos. I was thinking of the bird and the bird alone, which is probably good enough for a snapshot. In fact, one of the “snapshots” is on another blog.  But I want to take more than just snapshots…I want to take photographs. Hopefully a lesson learned.IMG_1361